Boys Recreational Classes

These classes include instruction on all Olympic events and are divided by age and ability. The program is structured so that gymnasts are rewarded as they progress through various skill levels. We have skill charts for each level. Any time a gymnast accomplishes these skills, they receive a ribbon for passing the skills! They continue to receive skill achievement ribbons as they move through the program. When they pass each level, they are invited to move to the next level.

Beginner to Intermediate

Our Beginner to Intermediate Class is designed for boys ages 6+ with or without prior gymnastics experience. Boys in this class will become familiar with each Men's Gymnastics event (Vault, Parallel Bars, High Bar, Rings, Pommel Horse, and Floor Exercise). Gymnasts will also utilize equipment such as trampoline, rope, obstacle courses, and our foam pit. Boys with prior experience can expand their skill level on each apparatus by attending class multiple days per week. 

Barrington Boys High School Team Gymnastics