Tumbling - Trampoline - Cheer Tumbling

Our tumbling & tramp  classes are designed to teach all levels of tramp & tumblers from the beginner to the advanced and everywhere in between.  Each tumbling class begins on the trampoline.  Tumbling can be taught effectively on a trampoline,  its here that strength and coordination is developed in a high intensity and fun tumbling class. These classes will teach the proper technique to develop and master all tumbling & tramp skills.  During the class Kiaga makes use of 6 trampolines, 2 tumble traks,  double mini, power tumbling strip and gymnastics springfloors, to enhance and expedite training.   This is a great class for CheerLeaders and Gymnasts who want to improve their tumbling skills.  For a beginning tumbler the trampoline is the best place to learn a flip-flop.

Tumbling & Tramp Beginner

Come learn how to play, bounce, flip and roll around on and off the trampoline!
Requirements - None - This class is for designed to teach beginner tramp & tumbling. Students who are progressing on the trampoline  by using the 4 basic beginner drops as well as front and back tucks and front and back flips. This class will teach the proper technique to develop and master tramp and tumbling skills.  The curriculum is based on the USTA Trampoline and Tumbling program. 

Tumbling & Tramp Advanced & Jets

Tramp & Tumbling Advanced Class must be instructor approved.  Recommended requirements, not all are necessary for approval:  Back Flip/Front Flip/Round-off Backhand Spring/Front Handspring.  
Love to Tumble and Bounce!?
Come learn how to twist & twirl in the air and defy gravity!
Monday - Thursday, 5:10pm-6:00pm with Elite Trampoline Coach Curt Austin
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